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What area does 417Reviews cover? Here’s a map!


Hi, I'm Chris Swearingin, MCSE, Technologist, Editor of, and I live and work here in Springfield and do Technology work and Web Development both for my own projects and for my clients. I am a Springfield, MO local, and love this area, "The Ozarks." I run as a service to the local area I live in (I'm in Springfield, but have friends and circulate through S.W. Missouri & The Ozarks, as most locals do - in other words, the entire 417 area code area...). 417Reviews is a place that locals can speak out about their experiences, good or bad, with local businesses, services and service providers, products, restaurants, events, local government, people, and other things you would like to review and inform other locals about. So tell us about your experiences, give your 1-5 Star rating, and the good and bad of anything in the Ozarks. Also check out my site - The Singles site just for the Ozarks! ---You can also check out my personal blog site at Thanks for using, let me know what you think, and give everyone your 2 cents, advice and reviews on your towns forum for others in the local area or who are just visiting and want to know what to see, where to eat, etc. - and what to avoid! Chris Swearingin

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